Thursday, April 07, 2016

The upcoming Mitov Software libraries release (Sneak Peek 1)

  Hello everyone,

With the approaching arrival of the new version of the Mitov Software libraries, I have decided to start giving some sneak peaks of all the new features that have been added.
One of the core elements of the libraries is the free Mitov.Runtime library, and the Visual Live Binding.
The Mitov.Runtime contains a huge number of advanced features, including containers, advanced and powerful RTTI library, serialization support, advanced threading, parallel processing, and synchronization, OpenCL GPU support, automatic class initialization and memory management, powerful and simple component development framework, and much more. 
In addition to all those features, the Mitov.Runtime includes a set of powerful design time enhancements. In the upcoming version they have been expanded further, and a lot of new features were added, so least take a look :-) .

In the Object Inspector, at front of any property that can use Visual Live Binding, there is a new button displayed, allowing to add visual live binding directly from the Object Inspector.
Any property that has defined and known default value, and is set to something else, shows another "back arrow" button, that allows the property to be reset to its default value.

Here is the menu when clicking on the Visual Live Binding button for a property.

The Object Inspector also will show any properties that already has Visual Live Binding, and will indicate the type of binding that has been assigned.

The same Visual Live Binding functionality is available for the events as well.

Once the Live Binding pins have been assigned, they are available for connecting in the OpenWire Editor.

This is just the first of the posts about the new features. Stay tuned for more to come soon ;-)

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