Sunday, November 08, 2015

Day 2 of showing Visuino at the "Barnes and Noble" Maker Faire

And day 3 of the "Barnes and Noble" Maker Faire, and second day of showing Visuino:

Setting up the Visuino and Arduino:

 Me adding a servo control to the Arduino demo:

Mike Outmesguine talking with kid about the new Conejo Valley Makerspace taht he is organizing:

And me describing Visuino :-) . I did a project whit flashing NeoPixels, where the color was partially controlled with the X and Y of one of the PS2 controller sticks (Red with X, Green with Y and Blue from sine generator), and I also added a Servo today, also controlled by the PS2 controller. I even added an option to switch between controlling the servo, and colors with the PS2 controller or with generators . To switch I used the select button on the PS2 controller. Also added packet communication for the X,Y position of the right PS2 controller stick and one of the Sine generators. All the in few minutes there :-) . I will see to post the project in the G+ Community :

Looking at all the cool stuff Mike, and Dan brought:

Dan DeMaggio, Mike Outmesguine, and me:

And me looking at some more cools stuff they were showing:

 At the evening a book signing by Mark Hatch, the CEO of TechShop, the author of "The Maker Movement Manifesto", and a real Makers Movement entusiast:

 And a picture of me and Mark Hatch:

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