Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just released version 6.0 of all of our libraries for Delphi, C++ Builder, RAD Studio XE2 to XE4, and .NET

        Dear Customers,

We have just released version 6.0 of all of our libraries for Delphi, C++ Builder, RAD Studio, and .NET including support for Delphi, C++ Builder and RAD Studio XE4 on our site - .

This is the biggest release we have ever done.

It includes a full code rewrite for the entire code base, to utilize the latest Delphi language features.
This version uses a brand new and improved threading model resulting in performance improvements.
The DirectShow implementation has gone a significant redesign.
There is a fair number of new and improved components and features, including improved VST 2.X support, new VST 3.0 support, FreeFrameGL support, MJPEG IP Cameras, patter detection, and trigger components for SignalLab, number of new TimingLab components and much more.
For details check on the What's New tab for each library -

In addition now all Delphi, C++ Builder and RAD Studio libraries include the OpenWire Editor and the OpenWire Visual Live Binding.

There are a number of new demos added including 3D rendering with Visual Live Bindings, VST3 and FreeFrameGL.

We have also developed a special design time API for this release and now have better integration of the libraries with the OpenWire Editor, including a new type of in-place design editor in the OpenWire view.

We will be adding more content to the site in the following days, so please check it often to stay updated ;-) .

Enjoy the new versions!

With best regards,
    Boian Mitov

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