Thursday, December 22, 2011

The promissed birthday surprise :-). - the first 64 bit installs for Delphi

Hi folks,

Here is the birthday surprise, I promised :-).
The first 64 bit prerelease installs for all of the libraries, and a compatible version of the OpenWire Editor:

The libraries contain 64 bit support both for VCL and FireMonkey.

At the moment there are two known problems. The NeuralNetwork throws floating point exception during training in 64 bit mode. I have already fixed the problem, and it will be included in the next build.
The DirectShow video player does not seem to generate proper OnStop event in 64 bit mode, and as result the Loop mode is not working and the video transition demo has problems.
I will be working to fix this bug as well.

Please remember. This installs are for early adopters only. These are the very first 64 bit installs and other problems are very likely to be in them. We are testing them extensively, and expect to find more issues.
We do not recommend using the 64 bit versions without extensive testing first!

Have great Holidays!

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