Friday, April 01, 2011

Latest .NET builds

Dear .NET customers,

We are getting close to the next release of the libraries. In this release one of the main focuses was significantly improving the .NET support. As part of the process we have redesigned the .NET assemblies from the ground up. We have rewritten the top level assemblies from C++/CLI to C# to improve Visual Studio 2010 compatibility, and we have separated the design time functionality into separated assemblies to add "3.5/4.0 Client Profile" support. A lot of design time enhancements ware also added, and we expect the upcoming version to be the most .NET friendly version yet :-) .

I also would like to remind you that anybody who has purchased any of the libraries within less than 1 year from the new release will get the upgrade for free! :-) . This is always our policy!
Anybody who wants to upgrade versions purchased more than 1 year ago can do that for 50% of the currently listed price of the products, and will again receive 1 year of free upgrades.

Since there are a lot of improvements in this version, and large number of bugs are fixed, I have decided to post the current prerelease installs for all of you that may decide to use them:

Please note that there are a lot of changes in this library.
First the names of the assemblies have changed.
The managed assemblies now have a prefix of Mitov. so as example:
AudioLabBasic.DLL now is called Mitov.AudioLabBasic.DLL
and the non managed assemblies have prefix of Mitov.Native. instead of suffix of VCL, as example:
AudioLabBasicVCL.DLL now is called Mitov.Native.AudioLabBasic.DLL
There are also design time assemblies added to support “.NET 3.5 Client Profile” and “.NET 4.0 Client Profile”.
Also the assemblies are now in the Bin\4.0 subdirectory instead of the Bin subdirectory, since we provide both 2.0 and 4.0 compiled assemblies side by side.
The documentation is not yet updated to reflect those changes. We are working on this.

We also have prerelease versions of the Delphi, C++ Builder, and Visual C++ libraries. We can send download links per request, as we need to test the installs for the specific compiler version before we can provide it.

With best regards,
Boian Mitov

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