Saturday, August 22, 2009

New versions available

Hi folks,

I am pleased to announce that all Delphi libraries have been updated, and are available for download at .

In this version the libraries include some significant upgrades.

VideoLab has screen capture functionality added.
Both VideoLab and AudioLab have new components for sending, receiving data to/from any DirectShow filter.
The ImageDisplay now can be added as a layer, and effects can be applied to it.
The Scope, Waterfall, AngularGauge, AnalogClock and GlassPanel can host components internally, even when rendered in a layer or Matrix.
All InstrumentLab components can be hosted inside Scope, Waterfall, AngularGauge, AnalogClock or GlassPanel, or rendered in a Matrix.
SegmentText, Spectrum, and Matrix components have been added to InstrumentLab.
The new Matrix component can render Text, Images, Video, or any PlotLab or InstrumentLab component.
ImageDisplay can be rendered inside Scope, Waterfall, AngularGauge, AnalogClock or GlassPanel.
ImageDisplay can be rendered in a Matrix display.
More hands can be added to an AngularGauge, including additional data sources, or Min/Max hands.

Those are only some of the new features in this release.

We are also working on updated .NET and VC++ releases. We have succeeded in porting the InstrumentLab to .NET and VC++, and prereleases are available on request.

With best regards,
Boian Mitov

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