Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas, and Happy New year

Merry Christmas, and Happy New year everyone!
After few sick days I am back and again making progress on all fronts ;-) .
There were number of improvements in the Wiki page generator. The first prototype of the Wiki synchronizer is operational and I have been testing it for a while with a test wiki site.
VideoLab .NET and AudioLab .NET now have test installs are have been submitted to selected beta customers for early evaluation and feedback. due to some serious issues with the new Microsoft VC++/CLI now I am seriously considering using native C++ and C# to generate the .NET proxies. We will do some evaluation of the techniques in the next month or so, and will decide based on the results.
The IPP 5.1 conversion also is going well with a single component left that still shows some misbehaviour. Hopefully it will be resolved in the next few days.
I have also set up news server and will be making it public in the next few days. Here are some of the newsgroups:

you can also access the newsgroups through web interface here:

You can explore to see all the newsgroups :-) .
Stay tuned for more.

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